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2N2222 Datasheet NPN Switching Transistors - Micro Commercial Components NPN SMALL SIGNAL GENERAL PURPOSE AMPLIFIER AND SWITCH, New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc. 4N35 Datasheet(PDF) - Motorola, IncSTANDARD THRU HOLE CASE 730A-04, 4N35 datasheet, 4N35 circuit, 4N35 data sheet :MOTOROLA, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes, triacs, and other semiconductors.

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This application note introduces the Pierce oscillator basics and provides guidelines for the oscillator design. It also shows how to determine the different external components, and provides guidelines for correct PCB design and for selecting suitable crystals and external components. Application Notes - DiodesAP3125 Series Application Note. PDF (567 KB) 08/2016. AN379-P. PI6CDBL401B Low Power PCIe Clock IC Feature Highlights:70% IO Power-Saving and 16 Built -in Resistors. PDF (252 KB) 04/2016. AN378-P. PI6C5913004 Lowest Output Jitter Buffer IC Ensuring Performance in 40GE/100GE Designs.

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The Intel® Enpirion® ES1030QI Power Rail Sequencer is a low-power and small-form device ideal for establishing the power sequencing pattern in small to large multi-rail power systems. The part provides nested sequencing of four outputs per device, with the ability to attach additional devices in a sequencing chain for at least 16 outputs. General Purpose Plastic RectifierNote (1) Thermal resistance from junction to ambient and from junction to lead at 0.375" (9.5 mm) lead length , PCB mounted with 1.1" x 1.1" (30 mm x 30 mm) copper pads RATINGS AND CHARACTERISTICS CURVES (TA = 25 °C unless otherwise noted) Fig. 1 - Max. Forward Current Derating Curve Fig. 2 - Max. Non-repetitive Forward Surge Current

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Product data sheet Rev. 6 10 November 2017 6 of 32 NXP Semiconductors TJA1043 High-speed CAN transceiver TJA1041A with improved EMC and ESD capability and quiescent current performance. Improved slope control and high DC handling capability on the bus pins provide additional application flexibility. 7.1 Operating modes Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices to I2C BusApplication Note AN_113 Interfacing FT2232H Hi-Speed Devices to I2C Bus Version 1.2 Document Reference No.:FT_000137 Clearance No.:FTDI# 90 1 Introduction The FT2232H and FT4232H are the FTDIs first USB 2.0 Hi-Speed (480Mbits/s) USB to UART/FIFO ICs.

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Ixia provides application performance and security resilience solutions to validate, secure, and optimize businesses physical and virtual networks. LAN8720A - Ethernet PHYs - MicrochipLAN8720A/LAN8720Ai - Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification Application Notes Download All. AN8.13 - Suggested Magnetics 90KB. AN25.3 - Migrating from the LAN8710A/LAN8720A to the LAN8740A/LAN8741A/LAN8742A

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Get the basics or explore more with these training courses. Explore training. Take notes. Type or write notes or record audio notes with OneNote. Learn how. Draw and sketch. Bring your notes to life by drawing and sketching in OneNote. Learn more. Support for OneNote 2010 has ended. Overvoltage, Undervoltage and Reverse Supply Note 2. All currents into pins are positive; all voltages are referenced to GND unless otherwise noted. Note 3. These pins can be tied to voltages below 0.3V through a resistor that limits the current below 1mA. Note 4. The GATE pin is referenced to VOUT and does not exceed 44V for the entire operating range. ELECTRICAL

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Package information includes the ordering code reference, package acronym, leadframe material, lead finish (plating), JEDEC ® outline reference, lead coplanarity, weight, moisture sensitivity level, and other special information. The thermal resistance information includes device pin count, package name, and resistance values. Stratix® Series. SC16IS752; SC16IS762 Dual UART with I2C-bus/SPI 1. General description The SC16IS752/SC16IS762 is an I2C-bus/SPI bus interface to a dual-channel high performance UART offering data rates up to 5 Mbit/s, low operating and sleeping current; it also provides the application with 8 additional programmable I/O pins.

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Input Threshold, Zero Duty Cycle (Note 5) Vth 0.6 0.9 V Input Threshold, Maximum Duty Cycle (Note 5) Vth 3.3 3.6 V Input Bias Current IIB 0.05 1.0 A 3. Tlow = 0° Thigh = +70°C 4. Since long term stability cannot be measured on each device before shipment, this specification is an engineering estimate of average stability from lot SM5100BF_15 datasheet(1/9 Pages) LRC Schottky Barrier FEATURES* Plastic package has Underwriters LaboratoryFlammability Classification 94V-0* Low power loss,high efficiency* For use in low voltage high frequency inverters,free wheeling,and polarity protection applications* Guardring for over voltage protection* High temperature soldering guaranteed:260°C/10 seconds at terminalsMechanical Data datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site

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Updates to this app note may be obtained via facsimile by calling Siliconix FaxBack, 1-408-970-5600. Please request FaxBack do cument #70596. AN103 2 Siliconix 10-Mar-97 D S D S UC3844B, UC3845B, UC2844B, UC2845B High ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC = 15 V [Note 5], RT = 10 k, CT = 3.3 nF. For typical values TA = 25°C, for min/max values TA is the operating ambient temperature range that applies [Note 6], unless otherwise noted.) UC284xB UC384xB, xBV, NCV384xBV Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Unit REFERENCE SECTION

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An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications, intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA. UC1842, UC2842, UC3842, UC1843, UC2843, UC3843 UC1844, UC2844, UC3844, UC1845, UC2845, UC3845 SLUS223F APRIL 1997REVISED APRIL 2020 Universal Serial Interface Channel (USIC)Jul 17, 2014 · This application note gives an overview of the Infineon Universal Serial Interface Channel (USIC) module. The document then describes the various features in more detail and provides some pratical examples. Intended audience This document is intended for engineers who are familiar with the XMC Microcontrollers series. Applicable Products

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M5203 datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. SM520-34 O RING HREAD - Bulk (Alt:SM520-34) Distributors:Part:Package:Stock:Lead Time MULTI-SECTION 3.5 SEC VOICE M5203 3.5 ç§ è¯­é ³ IC APPLICATION DIAGRAM å è ç µè·¯å ¾