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  • Convenient Live Flow Pipe LiningEfficient Above-Ground & Construction FootprintA Time-Saving Installation ProcessSpiral Wound PVC (SPR) SAK ConstructionOct 02, 2013 · Spiral Wound PVC (SPR), a patented technology from Sekisui of Japan, is an environmentally friendly process for the rehabilitation both of small and large diameter pipelines, often those with odd shapes, difficult access, and live flow conditions.

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    Spiral Wound Liner for Circular and Non-Circular Conduits (Sean Lim, Sekisui Asia Pipe Solutions) Practice of Stainless Steel Lining Rehabilitation of large Diameter Steel Pipe (Chengquan Wang, Henan Zhongtuo Petroleum Engineering) Wireless Transmission Geomagnetic Guide Systems CASE STUDY SPR PE - SEKISUI SPRrehabilitation of the large diameter sewer to ensure sufficient discharge capacity for at least 50 years. The solution:SPR PE Spiral-Wound pipe liner The rehabilitation of 281 m (922 ft) of the corrugated metal pipe involved the use of the SPR PE Spiral-Wound pipe liner, previously known as RIBLINE, with diameter of 2750 mm (108 in).

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    SEKISUI SPR Americas Spiral Wound Liners are innovative trenchless pipe liners for modern day pipeline rehabilitation. SEKISUI SPR provides fully structural pipe rehab for sewers, storm drains and culverts between 6- 200. Examining Spiral Wound Liners Stormwater OnlineMar 17, 2020 · Spiral wound lining is a trenchless technology that uses continuous strips of plastic (typically PVC or HDPE) to fully restore gravity pipelines from 6 inches to over 200 inches in diameter. This unique rehabilitation method first originated in Australia and Japan during the 1980s.


    SEKISUI SPR is synonymous with the development and implementation of trenchless pipe rehabilitation world-wide. In its activities, SEKISUI SPR uses the two leading key technologies, the spiral wound technology (SPR) and the cured in place pipe technology (CIPP). SEKISUI SPRs innovative, patented and world renowned cured in place pipe PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - SEKISUI SPRSEKISUI SPR AMERICAS, LLC The SPR Spiral Wound process is a trenchless rehabilitation solution for restoring the hydraulic efficiency, reliability and integrity of aging sewers, storm drains and culverts. The process consists of a single strip of PVC profile which is progressively wound into the host pipe

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    Pipe Rehabilitation Technologies. At Bradshaw Construction, pipe rehabilitation is accomplished using either slip-lined or spiral wound technologies. Slip-lining is the process in which a smaller fixed diameter pipe is used to sleeve a failing pipe. After the new sleeve liner is installed it is grouted in place. SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd Meeting the challenges of pipe Meeting the challenges of pipe rehabilitation through spiral wound lining (SPR) Sekisui Singapore Pte Ltd Sean Lim 2 SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd Establishment:March 3, 1947 President:Mr. Teiji Koge Number of employee:26,080 Corporate headquarters:Osaka and Tokyo, Japan 3 SEKISUI

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    Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC has developed equipment for installing spiral-wound pipe inside damaged or deteriorating host pipe without the need for personnel to enter the pipe. Lining old pipes with spiral-wound pipe is a proven method of trenchless rehabilitation that is used worldwide. Until now in the United States, installing SPR profile spiral-wound pipe has been a man-entry process Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC - norcalpugSekisui SPREX PVC Spiral Wound liners. Project Overview Rehabilitating storm drains and culverts for transportation departments can be ASTM F1741 - 18-Standard Practice for Installation of Machine Spiral Wound PVC Liner Pipe for Rehabilitation of Existing Sewers and Conduit.

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    About us Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC offers solutions for trenchless pipeline rehabilitation. Headquartered in Georgia, Sekisui SPR Americas is recognized within the pipeline renewal industry for Spiral Wound Liners; the innovative rehabilitation technology for pipelines between 6" and 200". Spiral-Wound Pipe Liners:Why You Should Consider These

    • Spiral-Wound Technology BasicsSpiral-Wound ApplicationsTrenchless Lining ProcessFeatures & Benefits of Spiral Wound LiningTechnology AdvancementsCIPP Lining Contractor - Certified Trenchless Pipe Lining Southwest Pipeline employs the following services and trenchless rehabilitation methods:Pipelines:Cured-In Place (National Liner®) Spiral Wound PVC Liners (Sekisui SPR Americas, LLC®) Sliplining (Hobas® Pipe) Segmental Liner Repair (ChanneLine®) Spot Repairs & Lateral Liners (Max-Liner®) Fiberglass Sectional Liners (Cosmic Top Hat Systems®)

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      Jul 29, 2019 · Sekisui SPR Restores 2 Miles of Atlanta's Sewer System - The concrete sewer pipeline system in northwest Atlanta was over 70 years old when a 500-year flood event exposed its age. The city chose SPR Spiral Wound Liners supplied by Seikisui SPR to fix it using a quick spiral-wound trenchless pipe rehab method.SPR PE Steel Reinforced LinerMay 16, 2018 · SPR PEoffers a fully structural solution using a spiral, machine wound, trenchless pipe renewal process. This technology can be utilized in a range of sizes (29 -